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With our high-end equipment , RUNCHENG PACKAGING offers you a variety of the printing finish options to make your packaging stand out in the market.

Cosmetic Paper Box

  • Cream Box
  • Eye Shadow Box
  • Eye Liner Box
  • Foundation Box
  • Hair Extension Box
  • Hair Spray Box
  • Lip Balm Box
  • Lip Gloss Box
  • Lipstick Box
  • Lotion Box
  • Makeup Box
  • Mascara Box
  • Nail Polish Box
  • Perfume Box
  • Cosmetic Paper Tubes

Food & Beverage Paper Box

  • Cake Box
  • Candy Box
  • Chocolate Box
  • Coffee Box
  • Tea Box
  • Wine Box

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1480ml food tray

Product Description

Made from kraft paper which is fully compostable and biodegradable within 50-100 days in properly maintained compost facilities.Composting discarded tableware along with food waste is a strategy to reduce methane emissions,reduce with 21 times the warming potential of CO2.
1. Food grade raw material,eco-friendly and nontoxic feature

2. Offset printing are available,and OEM is welcomed

3. High quality control system to insure the tray quality

4. Quick lead time and quick response to customers' question

5. All paper tray can be made with different weight and capacity

6. Full range of sizes,water proof and oil proof.

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